Batumi Botanic garden.

Botanical garden of Batumi is one of the biggest in the former USSR and probably the most beautiful among them. On a huge hilly area on the shore of the sea (111 ha) here are collected exotic plants from all corners of the planet. The Botanical garden is smothered in flowers and greenery, walk around and admire them all day… be Sure to visit here during a trip to Batumi.

Moreover, to go from the city centre in just nothing 10 minutes and we are already at the entrance, which is adjacent to the railway.

After going inside (entrance is$ 4), are near the shore. In the distance is Batumi.

The garden is divided into zones according to the geographical origin of those or other plants. Caucasian subtropical Australian forest, new Zealand forest, South American, etc. Total more than ten zones with plants from around the world. That is where, you can look at the map and navigate.

In the garden you just can enjoy the riot of colors, pure air and beautiful smells. Why are there only… Japanese Sakura, bamboo plantations, magnolias, cacti, palm trees of various species, cypresses…. In total more than 2000 (!) species of woody plants.

The real jungle.

To walk here is very convenient to numerous trails. Very well maintained and cozy.

For plants in the garden is continuously cared for.

The terrain is very hilly. So for those visitors who are walking on foot is hard, there is a small electric car, which for a symbolic ride through the entire garden.

But it is better to relax in the many pavilions…

.. and sit on bamboo benches with an amazing view of the sea.

You want to stop constantly, because along the main road, going up up to one better than the other.

Right on the water at the bottom – the same railroad.

On the territory of the Botanical garden is still preserved an old house that’s flowing a normal life. Tourists, people don’t pay the slightest attention – accustomed.

Palm grove.


And a Japanese forest.

Here definitely I want to come back…

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