Some ten years ago there were growing forests and hosted the wild beasts, small and lonely villages, it seemed, forever assigned the role of a beautiful but bleak wilderness. Today here is located one of the best ski resorts in Europe, coming here to the eyeballs Packed with cars, and the land is worth millions of dollars.

As told to us by a local resident, fifteen years ago one guy winning cards of $ 300 from his friend, refused to take money instead of three acres of land in one of these remote villages, directly on the site of the present Bukovel. How much is this plot now, we can only guess)

Resort in Ivano-Frankivsk region and in fact built a noble. 50 miles of trails, 61 descent of different types of complexity and 14 new lifts.

Many gleams on the distant slopes are the future of the track, the total length of which the owners want to bring to 280 (!) kilometers.


At the entrance to Bukovel – the town of the comfortable cottages for the guests of the resort.

The prices here in high season can reach up to$ 100 per person per day. Therefore, the main ski people settling in the surrounding villages, where prices are significantly lower.

Infrastructure in Bukovel offers a great. There is a large entertainment center, plenty of shops, restaurants, rental equipment, ski schools, playgrounds, free wi-fi throughout the property and many other attributes of a ski resort high level.

For tourists on their cars here Parking…

And on-site resort can be explored on a more practical mountain transport.

“Working” day begins very early. For those who came to the hill till 8.00 am, there is a discount for skiing in 30%. From seven in the morning before the box office starts on the line.

When treasured travel (very expensive for Ukraine) already in his pocket, the people lining up in front of the lift in anxious waiting.

If you carefully read my previous stories you will understand why at this stage of life we do not belong to the category of skiers), my temporarily-bellied wife came here to take a look at Bukovel, climb a couple of peaks, to enjoy nature and just plenty of fresh air)

Unfortunately for hikers, the ascent is allowed only 2 lifts out of 14, so to go up and photograph most of the landscapes we could not. But there where still visited, too, was extraordinarily beautiful.

To ride the lifts – a pleasure. Sitting in a chair, silently hovering in the sky and twist with non-stop head, trying to catch the eyes of the open landscape.

We climbed the highest mountain Bukovel 1400 metres.

Here, as on all other vertices, is a panorama café where you can eat between trips and drink coffee overlooking the mountains.

On the way back, skiers curiously staring at us, because down in General, I decided to ski down)

In Bukovel is mostly coming people from Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. Skiers and snowboarders equally.

Without falling, of course, is not complete. Snowboarders fall more often.

A lot of families with children. The kids are very cute on skis)

We decided to come back here in a couple of years and bring our pups – we want to raise an athlete)

In the following report I will explain about the surrounding area Bukovel – there was also something to see.

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