Maldives. Part 2. Kuredu Island

To admit, by this point, after more than a day without sleep, the body begins to slowly hint about the halt. However, species observed on arrival to the island, forced to abandon thoughts of sleep away.

Maldives Kuredu kuredu

This is the case when no comment.

Honestly, I don’t very clearly remember what we did on the way from the aircraft to the reception. Perhaps we were just silent…


In the future, we’ve observed a landing on the island of “fresh” batches of tourists. People arrived at the Maldives for the first time, evaluated the expression of those with almost absolute accuracy. Very funny picture :)

After a very quick check-in and having free welcoming drinks, we went to find our cabin. This lesson was, though not difficult, but long enough. The island of Kuredu is one of the biggest tourist Islands in the Maldives, so legs had to work regularly. That actually does not harm anyone else.

The cabin was already waiting for us. The photo in the middle.

Maldives Kuredu kuredu

It – from the inside:

Maldives Kuredu kuredu

Then there was a well-deserved rest and an evening walk around the beach. Further exploration of the island had the next day…

Maldives Kuredu kuredu

Intelligent reader is about how people spend time on a Paradise island, but still in honeymoon ;) So no point in a detailed report I don’t see and just tell about the most interesting.

The whole island is filled with palm trees and greenery.

The scenery, wherever you look, is hardly amenable to the written description.


Animals abound here, too. It was funny taking a shower, being on the air in the courtyard of the Bungalow, to increase their knowledge regarding the behavior of Maldivian lizards that ran around the walls :)

By the way, small sharks, which infested the West coast of the island (in the East was located the lagoon perfect for swimming), was very skittish and fast. To catch at least one Nastya and failed… :)

The same fate befell me in pursuit of the Heron.

But crab from us will not go away :)

In whole animals, which so often frighten tourists to us were mildly indifferent. We were not interested in any one shark, Moray eel or sea snake, in spite of all our attempts to draw attention to himself.

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