Maldives. Part 3. Kuredu Island

Sometimes took place nearby thunderstorms. Stunner. On the island, the rain only happened once during our stay. And it’s in the off-season. While it is raining, you can practice yoga.

On the island, the rain only happened once during our stay. And it’s in the off-season.

While it is raining, you can practice yoga.

Or play the wedding in a specially prepared for this tent on the beach.

Honeymoon Kuredu

But I like the sun. So much fun :)

People on the island was visually a little. But when it was time for dinner and all the tourists were slide into the restaurant, a sense of Paradise privacy slightly lost. Where they were all hiding in the afternoon, we did not understand.

It is worth noting that the number of tourists was clearly European (much English), and most of them have long exceeded the 50-year milestone, which apparently did not contribute to an active pastime. Oddly enough, even in the ocean, few people were willing to swim , preferring the pool. :o

Fortunately, on a fishing trip we got acquainted with young Moscow couple, also newlyweds, and for a time held four. If you will say that the honeymoon lovers have all the time to spend exclusively together, do not believe. By the way, is not only a honeymoon for :)


About fishing. To miss this opportunity, we, of course, could not.

Emotions overflow as on the fishing and on the way to fishing place. Waves in the open ocean so much patted our schooner, that I was forced to remember his thought about feeding the fish when landing in male again :)
But all went well)

You need to catch hands on fishing line.

Because as bait is used for meat, all are requested not to wind the line by hand to some hungry shark best not to cut your hand with fishing line, swallowing the hook. At worst, dragged behind a :)

We caught a little, but the experience was enough:

Some even in excess :)

Someone pulled this:

And someone- here it is:

Maldives Kuredu fishing

One lucky fisherman caught even a Moray eel. The boat started a bit nervous, so memorializing her it was not possible. And the fish at the request of the tourist immediately released. This could not be done and take the catch in the evening in the restaurant, where the fish promised to cook and serve. We have not tested it and catch asked to let go.

In General, it was a fun evening…

By the way, cost for all is$ 35 per person. But it’s peanuts compared to the price for the service exclusive fishing yacht with an instructor – $ 500 for 6 hours, a maximum of 3 people. We folded :)

The prices for everything else.
Even by European standards, everything is expensive. For example, a 0.3 bottle of Heineken here costs 5$. This is one of two reasons we don’t know the prices of anything more intoxicating. Second – we don’t use)

Dinner for two by candlelight on the beach – from$ 200. The restaurant – from$ 100. T-shirts at a local shop – from 60$. The most simple Souvenirs like magnets – from$10.

Local shopping center:

kuredu Kuredu

In General, the Maldivians understand the particular location of the human soul in here, and well use it. From the lack of demand they do not suffer)

The Council are going to the Maldives – if your budget is limited, do not order when booking full Board (all inclusive for obvious reasons hotels don’t provide) because you overpay decently, and the presence of lunch – not a necessity. Because of the heat at this time is to eat not like at all, although the gluttons we are still the same. At worst, you can get creative and knock the coconut palms :)

And the one who does not know how to clean it and to open it, have to do it yourself. Fascinating class ))

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