On the roads of the mountainous Adjara…

The warm spring sun, fresh air, beautiful scenery outside the car window, great mood, great country… It was almost a perfect day when we with Nastya rented a car and went from Batumi to the Georgian mountains of Ajara, famous for its healing springs, huge waterfalls, fragrant wine and very hospitable people…

Because we are in Batumi is not the first time and watched almost all of, it was decided to explore the mountainous surroundings on a rented car. It’s the perfect way to travel in Georgia, with its excellent (usually) roads and beautiful scenery. In Adjara, a small stretch of road of 80 kilometers can not pass the day, constantly stopping in small towns and admire the stunning nature of these places. The freedom that traveling gives your car, not to compare with anything.

However, there is a minus. Rent a car in Georgia will cost, as cheaper as$ 50 a day here do not offer. This is the minimum price for the old Golf, and the car better should not expect less than 60-70$. The SUV is the perfect transportation for Georgian mountain roads here asking 90$. However, for long term rentals can make a good discount of up to 20%.

We were a bit lucky that you have selected the cheapest car with automatic transmission was not this Hertz suggested a Mazda 3 for the same money. Her price is$70.

Famous Georgian reckless on the roads, I particularly noticed – Yes, I go faster than seems safe, feel free to go for overtaking, but in General, the movement in Batumi and its vicinities are considered pretty correct, just need to adapt to the high-spirited drivers and signals for any reason. Even outside the city you have to be careful with animals, absolutely walking in the middle of the road. Machine they are absolutely on the drum.

Ajarian mountains start just outside of town. We went to Transagency road – mountain road that connects Batumi and Borjomi. The goal was to drive as far as possible, to enjoy nature and to have time to night to go back to Batumi. If anything, the night was in one of the towns on the way – Georgia is not a problem at all.


The road winds between the mountains along the river Chorokhi.

The scenery around here is wonderful.

The coating is very good, ride nice.

After a bustling city it’s great to breathe the fresh mountain air, listen to the birds singing outside the window and the rustling of small waterfalls falling from the mountains. Here I want to stop every hundred meters.

Waterfalls are almost at the road, they are difficult to miss. The higher you go, the greater the flow.

Each of these waterfalls usually have a restaurant right on the water. But in April, they are closed.

So many beautiful streams that carry melt water into the river. The water temperature is close to zero.

Stopping and going a little up along one of the rivers, you can get to a wonderful meadow. Isn’t that a great place for a romantic picnic?

In such places just want to do nothing..

I rarely post pictures of Nastia because she, as a photographer, hates being photographed. But before the flower lawn could not resist)

But all of the previous waterfalls were pathetic streams compared to the main tourist attraction of these places – Makhuntseti waterfall. It sits just to the side of the road in the same village.

The waterfall is more than 40 meters. This is a very impressive sight that close and not to transfer a photo.

His power is different depending on the time of year. And most water in spring.

Having stayed here a little and pretty soaked, we go further… On the road a lot of villages and towns.

The houses huddle on the mountain slopes.

Here, of course, Batumi.

The people bred cattle.

And hoped for tourists.

Typical local house.

The largest city we passed – Keda.

Here for the first time we rounded the bill for the food downward and refused a tip. The food here is as tasty as in Batumi, but half the price.

Sometimes the river becomes much wider, and the water in it less. The result at the bottom formed beautiful lawns on which livestock graze.

Even a passenger car can easily go down there.

In such places start even more hard to praise yourself for the car rental.

Another attraction of these places – ancient arched bridges crossing the river. Here they began to build in the XII century during the reign of Queen Tamar. We found one of the most famous.

At first glance it is not impressive, but the fact that this design has survived to this day without support, makes you wonder.

Alas, the whole history of his age, and covered with a copper basin in 2008 when the bridge was completely reconstructed for the sake of tourism.

There is also a restaurant, not working in April.

“What are we worse?”, thought in the USSR and built near this thing.

That is, I have no idea, but you can climb it.



Perhaps we should talk about another attraction that can not miss tourists Adjara wine house. This region has long been famous for its winemaking, as usual, must be a place where “follow the ancient technology,” and so on… And there is such a place.

It will hold a free tour of the wine cellars…

Show bottling plant…

Satisfied with tasting the best wines…

And purchase a couple of bottles. Why not? Great wine, as we discovered already at home.

I recommend to look – interesting place.

Of course, the beauty of the mountain Adjara deserve a longer study. If you are in Batumi, make sure you make time at least for a day trip to the mountains, there are beautiful places and nice people. Ideally, you can make a long trip on a jeep through the Goderdzi pass at a height of 2 km, to look even more breathtaking scenery and drive to Borjomi. We’ll do that when we are in these parts next time…

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