Shanghai aquarium.

The Shanghai Oceanarium is a huge complex with an area of 20,000 sq m, which is inhabited by tens of thousands of marine inhabitants from around the world. The aquarium is visited by over a million people a year and this is one of the main attractions of Shanghai. Perhaps this is the coolest aquarium in the world.

At first we were hesitant to spend on the aquarium in the afternoon. But now with confidence I can say that this place is a must visit. Both adults and children. The building is located in the heart of the city, next to the TV tower “pearl of the Orient”.

The entrance ticket costs 160 yuan (25$) – very well, as for Asia.

The Oceanarium is divided into climatic zones – South America, China, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. Near each of the aquariums has a monitor with the detailed description of presented animals.

The paint is amazing. You can picture my Wallpaper on the desktop.

Children, regardless of age running around in delight.

I don’t know much names of rare fish and other sea creatures, so the text will be small, and photos – a lot.

Turtle albino. I’ve never seen.

Funny lizard.

Incredibly ugly fish drunk.

The atmosphere of gloom makes it difficult for photography, but so much prettier.

Feature of the aquarium is the underwater tunnels, with a total length of 120 m. In the first of them float fish the size of a fattened pig.

For some reason I thought the tunnel is one, so when it quickly ended, we are slightly surprised. But this was only the beginning.

For the transition between the “continents” you have to go up and down escalators, too, passing “under water”.

Arctic. Here live seals.

And penguins.

Despite the cold, you can sit and admire these funny animals, floating at arm’s length.

The Department with the jellyfish is fantastic. Standing in the dark and watch a beautiful music for these wonderful creatures, thanks to shimmering illumination all colors of the rainbow. Here I just want to set up a chair and sit down.

Sorry, chairs are not provided. Besides, the thrill of the spoils the Chinese, loud clamoring from all sides. Really hard to just stop for a moment in such beauty?

Reluctantly moving on – to a huge aquarium with stingrays.

Here, too, all sit down and watch.

The tunnel with stingrays.

Here has travellators – go and stare at. The steeper the diving.

I looked out the sharks. They are found in the last tunnel.

That’s all. Highly recommend coming here on a weekday, because the output at the aquarium just hordes of Chinese children with all the…

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