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Marina Bay Sands – the main symbol of modern Singapore. Built recently, the hotel quickly became one of the most recognizable in the world. In the complex with a height of 200 meters 2600 luxurious rooms, casino, theatre, a huge shopping Mall, and of course the famous rooftop pool, the highest pool in the world with panoramic views of the city.

Despite the fact that the lovely private pool is the main attraction for tourists, the main focus of the project owners did at the casino. That is not surprising, since they built this complex for the money Las Vegas Sands – the American gaming giant. Casinos, unlike the pool, open to all comers for$ 100 a day.

The Americans understood that even the most luxurious casinos today are nothing new, so they needed a project with a whole range of entertainment and unique architecture. And they needed a hotel with a pool on the roof, the likes of which has not. It was brilliantly realised by some $ 6 billion – a world record for hotels, among other things.

However, the game was worth the candle – the Marina Bay Sands raised the number of tourists to Singapore by 25% and it is visited by all the tourists of this city-state. We are not an exception.

That hotel is not easy, says a lot. For example, a giant Mall with cool boutiques at the foot of the towers.

In the span of like Dubai Mall. Circle of Christmas trees, decorations, carols beauty.

Cars at the entrance. Where the same without them.

Go to one of the towers. In the lobby is crowded and noisy, but light and spacious.

For all towers hall common, cross-cutting. Inside to a certain height of the building is hollow, looks very cool.

Everywhere orchids.

Six elevators on each tower. Traveling at the speed of light.


A regular room at the hotel costs from 350$/day. Additionally, you can enjoy city view and high floor somewhere for$ 100. There is also suites of 250 sq m, which will cost 1300$. By the way, most of the guests staying at the hotel for one night. Marina Bay is more of an attraction for the curious, and for serious cases in Singapore, there is a lot more convenient in all respects of hotels.


Go to the “cheap” room at the 49th floor. He is tiny – just 50 sq. m.

Cozy, beautiful.

Two TVs. One for the wife in front of the bed, and the second for her husband near the sofa.


The view from the room of the business quarter and the Marina.

Enjoy it for a long time.

However, come here after the Park on the roof. Go up there for the money up to a certain point could anyone, however, because of the influx of visitors and complaints of guests free covered. Now pay$ 400 for a room and pass.

Everyone else left the access to the observation deck and in the bar for 20 SGD.

They are on the nose “boat”.

Area is fenced with glass, but sometimes there are openings for photographers.

Same bar. Dear.

By the way, if you don’t want to pay 17 usd for the entrance, it is absolutely free and you can climb to another rooftop bar on “Korme”. However, we did not go there, it was not necessary.

Let’s go to the pool. People here quite a lot, but there is a place for everyone.

Most do not swim as much, much photographed.

A lot of people of Slavic appearance. All come from the room in robes.

The depth of the pool is small – only 1.4 m. Very clever, because if it was deeper, a photograph would be difficult. For children there is a separate compartment, shielded from “the abyss” glass.

On the other hand is a very cool Jacuzzi.

On the roof is growing 250 of these trees. All surrounded by greenery.

The pool has no visible edges and it seems like the water is falling down.

Actually water gets into a special chute and back out.

The view from here – wow.

Of course, we also took pictures on the background of this beauty.

In the evening, when the lights down, it becomes even more beautiful.

The view of the city.

The world’s tallest Ferris wheel and the Formula 1 track.

And this is the opposite side and fantastic gardens Gardens by the Bay, as I described here.

I kept thinking – why in the room has two TV, surely someone looks, when around such beauty? It turns out that watching. In the evening at the most no trump room on the first floor you can look.

Every evening at 20: 00 and at 21.30 in front of the hotel is fountain show. The only problem is that if you watch it from the hotel, it is not visible cool spotlights on the roof.

And if you look on the other side of the Marina, it is not visible fountains and can not hear the music. But still very beautiful.

Will definitely visit Marina Bay Sands worth. Or better yet, spend the night in this gorgeous hotel. At least once in a lifetime must.

Similar records are not or a little while. Soon there will be more)

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