The fastest train in the world.

Maglevanother Chinese miracle and giant economic progress. Ultra-modern train hovercraft in seconds at speeds of up to 430 km/h, which makes it the fastest passedoverland in operation in history. Construction of the first section of the road cost 1.5 billion Shanghai authorities. dollars in 2004 year.

Visit Shanghai and not ride on the fastest train, of course, unforgivable.

The secret is in magnetic levitation trains, on which he seemed “floatson the monorail without touching it. This eliminates the friction and allows you to gain him a giant speed. The length of the first section of the monorail is only 30 km away.

Although Maglev in its current form is more demonstration of China’s economic strength and a kind of tourist attraction, but the transport terms of use of it a bit. The fact of the matter is that Metro line, which the train connects the airport, Pudong airport is continuing, too, so not much point doing no transplant. Time to save a lot, because landing on the train you need to pass a bunch of checks, both at the airport.And that’s when it will be extended, as promised, to the city center and Hongqiao airport in Shanghai at the opposite end, will be very cool.

Entrance to the Longyang Road station from which the train is flying to the airport.

Economy class ticket is worth 50 Yuan ($ 8). There are still more comfortable vip class twice as expensive. The big excitement at the CASS.

By the way, if present tickets for today’s flight, economy class will cost 40 Yuan.

In order to get to the platform, you need to pass a stringent baggage screening. Allas at the airport.

maglev train

Nastya barely fetched photograph mordahu Maglev, us strongly asked boottrain anyone will not wait, because is managed automatically, without the driver.

nside the unusual-standard comfortable Salon. There are almost no people.

There are compartments for luggage.

VIPclass has a more comfortable seats.

Alas, the time of departure was already dark, so feel the speed outside the windowwas more difficult. Accelerates the train almost imperceptibly, and the current speed is displayed on an electronic scoreboard. When you reach maksimalki not feel any vibrationssoftness does not change.

Day video. No sea.

In General, one time ride definitely worth. However, it should be remembered that the maximum speed of the train is developing only at certain times of day and days of the week. Check the current schedule is on the website of the airport.


Through some 7 minutes we had already arrived in Pudong. In total, the Chinese promised to bring the length of the Maglev to 175 km to the city of Hangzhou. However, despite ambitious plans, construction has not yet begun. Whether or not implemented this gigantic costs project-time will tell.


To new meetings!


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