The Festive Maidan.

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In the center of Kiev is now wonderful, how beautiful. The city authorities (power state), so that people are less bothered about any new Tax and Housing codes, adorned the main square of the country – independence square, thousands of lights. So bright the Maidan and the Khreshchatyk, perhaps, was not.

The Christmas tree was lit, the guarantor of the Constitution.

Flickering lights is not only the Maidan, but the Conservatory and the October Palace, standing at the door.

Come and visit us! ;)

On holidays, crowds of people come to Kiev to see this beauty. As for us with Nastya, then after a week again we go to the Carpathian mountains (this time in Bukovel), and after two months in the hospital, to give birth to a daughter :) the Next trip we will have a bobblehead :)

Stay tuned!

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