The High-flying Shanghai.

As in any other metropolis in Shanghai can have a great time, climbing on roofs of random houses and enjoy the views. This Chinese metropolis is perfectly suited for roofing. Perhaps in Asia only in Hong Kong, the view from under the clouds more impressive. Like Hong Kong, Shanghai is the city of a thousand skyscrapers, which create an absolutely fantastic picture. Today – a little high-altitude photos, which we did two days of stay in the biggest city of China.

If you suddenly decide to climb on the roofs of Shanghai, we recommend you choose a simple but high building. As a rule, conventional homes. Maximum security there is a Concierge, who with a confident gait and right facial expression obstacles do not have to create. Hereinafter, the Elevator to the top floor, find the stairs to the roof, and there could be as lucky. The castle may or may not be. In cool hotels, and especially banks, have a chance to get on the roof very small. Yes, I know there are roofers conquer any peaks and make cool pictures from the peaks. But I don’t believe that these guys don’t use picks – I was there and saw all these locks. And that, to me, is overkill. We tried to get on the roof regarding lawfully and only where it was opened. Turned in half of the cases.

Another danger that can lie in wait on the roofs of expensive skyscrapers – the slamming of the door. From the outside the door can be opened, and the inside – no. This, as you know, is very dangerous, especially if rofit alone. Even in hotels all the elevators only go on cards and for lifting up we need to catch a companion. Once our “sponsor” was raised only at the 5th floor, so all the other 20 floors we walked on foot. But the roof was open and we enjoyed a great view of the fantastic Pudong new business area of Shanghai.

Just 20 years ago there were rice fields and it looked like this.

Well, today is one of the most expensive land in the world.

The tall spire is nearly finished Shanghai Tower is a 632 meter. Currently the third tallest building on the planet.

Financial center (right) and Jin Mao tower (left) dwarfs in comparison with a new skyscraper. But the Jin Mao at the time was the highest building in the world.

The Huangpu River.

The luxury residential high-rises of Pudong.

A good roof, but the downside is that it shows only one side of the city. On the other hand we have not found a place for review. This is the hotel Indigo, if anyone is interested.

On the other side of the river to the old town. This is one of the most interesting areas of Shanghai, which will be a separate report.

Surrounded on all sides by skyscrapers, he is struggling for life.


And, unfortunately, loses. Sooner or later the old town is completely demolished.

Look on top of him was not immediately apparent, but we finally found an open window under the roof of one of the skyscrapers.

One time the entrance to the roof was closed, we turned up a great alternative. In the famous “horned” skyscraper Shimao Plaza on the top floor there is an expensive bar with a panoramic view of the whole Shanghai. The Elevator did not go to him, because the bar was not working. But for some reason no one prevented us to reach the floor below and through the other bar climb the ladder up. In the end, we spent a memorable few hours in solitude, lounging in the shade on the comfortable sofas with a circular view of the city. More precisely, I collapsed, and her daughter was trying to take photos through the glass.

The view from the bar on Pudong and the Bund promenade. The 66th floor.


Directly below us the main pedestrian street, Shanghai’s Nanjing road.

Tower “Pearl Of The Orient”. Her visit we postponed for another time.

The opposite side.

The roof of the Radisson with rotating restaurant.

Skyscrapers, skyscrapers…

Of course, memorable. This was a great night.

By the way, Shimao Plaza near our hostel, and that taking the opportunity would recommend. Phoenix Hostel is located in the heart of the city, very cheap and convenient – suggest!

Shanghai is known for its multi-tiered road junction. We made up a few houses to couple to watch. Interchange “Dragon”.

Cars in the 20-million city is a huge number, but large caps we have not seen. All thanks to the wide roads, and this is a real engineering masterpiece.

The views of Pudong.

Another pretty road and Nanpu bridge.

But since these solutions appear below.

Most tourists in Shanghai as a mandatory program up either the tower “Oriental Pearl” or the World Financial Center, which has a beautiful lookout. We didn’t want you to go there necessarily, because the roofing without the crowds much better. It is more interesting, more varied, on the roof there are no dirty Windows, and besides, it’s completely free.

But the logic “well since we’re here…”, at WFC, we still went up. The skyscraper is designed in such a way that from the side it looks like a Christmas tree.

And the front – on the opener. So he called and all.

Three Shanghai China.

And, lo and behold, one of the most famous Shanghai landmarks almost turned people. We came an hour before closing, although ideally, these skyscrapers have to climb before sunset.

Without the crowds of tourists, typical of this place, on the lookout very good. It is located on the 100th floor.

The ascent is accompanied by a beautiful view, as in Dubai Burj Khalifa. Not impressed, to be honest. But from the platform the view is gorgeous. Here usually make traditional Shanghai photo.

Even from this height the edge of the city can not see the lights everywhere have eyes.

We were the last who left the area.

Cool city. Very cool. If in Hong Kong there is nothing to do but to stare at the top and bottom of the skyscrapers, Shanghai is much more diverse and interesting for the tourist. He is kinder, or what… Easier and friendlier. And at the same time is modern and impressive. A week or two I would love to have lived.

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