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Batumi – a beautiful resort town on the black sea coast of Georgia near the Turkish border. More recently, he was little different from the standard Soviet resort, but in just a decade, the city developed into a flourishing garden with lots of greenery, covered with luxury hotels world networking and was almost completely reconstructed. Today, born again, Batumi, probably the best resort on the Black sea. The city beyond expectations. The city in which you want to return.

If you are interested in how we got to Georgia, something about the flight Kiev-Kutaisi-Kiev I wrote on here. In this blog, I never write about such details… the Details of the flights hardly interesting person, far from aviation, although for me the flights and everything connected with it is one of the most interesting parts of any trip)

So, Batumi… this city has a lot of money. USA, Azerbaijan, Turkey – they all have a long-term investment projects. In addition to foreign funds, the Georgian government also gave Batumi a lot of attention, declaring it a National project. However, with the advent of the new government of the state funding was significantly reduced. The city continues to transform, but not as rapidly as before. One of the biggest investors was nebezizvestny Donald trump, whose money built several new buildings in Batumi. One of the most impressive buildings – the tower-the alphabet. It marked the letters of the Georgian alphabet, and a spherical dome with a restaurant at the top makes one revolution around its axis per hour. Pointless, but very nice facility. And one of the new symbols of the city.

By the way, now the tower is not working) next to it are the Radisson Blu, a new Georgian University, and is actively under construction Kempinski.

Here will be built the largest project, trump – Trump Tower, which is already allocated land. By the way, the billionaire will arrive in Batumi on April 23 to personally pushing the start of construction of a skyscraper.

Here is the plot.

There are in the surrounding area and buildings from the Soviet era. Are they interesting to look at the background of new Batumi. In this case, Radisson and city theater.

But these houses in the heart of Batumi will soon be demolished and in their place will be built another skyscraper.

Batumi is not only a resort but also a major port, which is located outside the resort. Here come the large oil tankers and second-hand cars from Europe.

But the port is not interesting to us. Tourists move to the opposite side of it, on a huge Batumi Boulevard, which occupies 7 miles of coastline is the main attraction of the city.

Not only is it a beautiful path along the beach, but also a huge well-kept Park, surrounded by trees, beautiful avenues of palm trees, dancing fountains, lakes and a lot of interesting things. Very impressive.

Behind all this beauty is constantly cared for.

In April on the shore of little people, mostly Georgian youth sports…

… and travelers from Turkey.

On the beach in Batumi is completely pebbled, too. The season starts in may.

Walk the promenade go hard, so here at every step there are bike rental shops. Very convenient.

All of the auto – pay at a special machine and receive a key. To return the bike to the same rental that the city is full. You can ride only in special bike path that goes along the coast.

It is even zebras.

We took bicycles and rode across the Boulevard from the tower-alphabet Batumi airport. Along the sea there will be various interesting sculptures and monuments.

Here for all people. Loved the themed playgrounds. Just picture yourself here with Diana, but this time we went without her.

Each site is required to present two or three cops that as vehicles use Segway. Generally, police in the city a lot, but her presence is not felt.

For adults along the coast there is a gym, and a Playground for beach sports.

In the season the promenade is crowded with all sorts of entertainment, restaurants and shops, but now nothing.


You will pedal on. Here is the “Acropolis” is the most pompous restaurant in the city.

Jeanne transmission “heads and Tails” in the issue of Batumi had dinner here. By the way, I highly recommend this show to all fans of traveling – you will not regret. But the restaurant – it is unlikely, in Batumi it is possible not to eat at least ten times cheaper. Now the restaurant is closed, but attracts newlyweds for photo shoots.

By the way, the registry office in Batumi is also interesting and looks like.

Here is another beautiful restaurant on the waterfront.

In General, food in Georgia is a separate issue. As a rule, I will not touch deli items in the reports, but against Georgia it would be wrong. It’s so delicious and cheap that you don’t even have to bother with a place – a bad thing to eat here is impossible in principle. Half the time our weekend in Batumi we spent in restaurants eating huge portions Georgian ) in Addition to other delicacies of the Georgian cuisine like khinkali or lobio, be sure to try a real Adjarian khachapuri in café “Laguna” on the street. Yum-mamushka.

Also we loved the restaurant “Ukrainochka”, which is located near the “Akropolis” on the lake.

To eat from the belly for two possible 20-25 lari (12-15$), and it is in the heart of the resort. Going a little further from the Boulevard, you can eat even cheaper and no less tasty. And what is wine…. In General, if you follow the figure and support the sports form, Georgia is clearly not for you)

Even if you have eaten in the restaurant, take the time to look into the local Mcdonalds, which deserves special attention. Beautiful futuristic building in the spirit of modern Georgian architecture. Surprised.

It has also nothing to do with the Kiev relatives.

Like a children’s room with a basketball Hoop and video games.

But its main feature – the outdoor terrace and a huge flower bed. For the first time, gladly sat in Mcdonalds )

Near the Poppy is a building of the Ministry of justice no less bizarre. They say that you can register a business in fifteen minutes. Honestly, believe.

Despite some economic downturn, construction of new buildings on the waterfront continues.

Civilization is far behind, and the Boulevard and bike path ends only of the strip of the local airport, which is located across the street from the beach.

By the way, the city authorities plan to extend the Boulevard right up to the border with Turkey, making it the longest on the Black sea.

One of the main highlights of the Batumi Boulevard are singing French fountains are located on Arianska lake (where R-n “rosy cheeks”). Every evening they organize a spectacular show that is remembered for a long time. Photos of this event I will show in the report on the evening of Batumi, and while only a small video. You can watch in HD.

By the way, evening Batumi is incredibly beautiful. I even find it difficult to tell when it’s nicer at night in the lights, or a day in the sun. Photos evening Batumi see in my report here.

In the meantime, we go back and go to the old town is another place for tourists. It seriously updated, changed communication, have restored old buildings and built new ones, laid paving stones. Now here was European-cute and comfortable.

It’s hard to judge how these streets looked like before, but what I see now, I definitely like. The heart of the old town, the beautiful Piazza in the Italian style. Probably, it is very nice to drink a Cup of coffee on a Sunny summer morning. But in the middle of April, it was ten degrees – especially not sit.

Before trip had a chance to read different opinions on the Internet. Many people do not like the changes taking place in the city for the last time. People think that we have already lost the true spirit of Batumi, that all this is artificial and soulless. I don’t know…. I personally spoke with several local people of older age and each of them were very happy and proud of how their city is. And it looks really cool.

Of course, all this applies mostly only a tourist coastal. Not to mention a huge positive transformation in Batumi, but at the same time it is wrong to draw conclusions about him solely through the magnificent Boulevard and the expensive hotels. In the depths of the city where there is such an expensive gloss, flows a real and somewhat different life. In the following report we will walk through non-tourist areas of Batumi, go to someone to visit and see how its inhabitants live. There are beginning to understand that the main advantage of the city is not skyscrapers and not millions of dollars of investment. But people who live in ugly houses outside of the tourist areas and in the hinterland of the old city. Spiritual, open and very welcoming. I have not seen such. And in the end that is what is remembered most.


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