Wedding trip to the Maldives. Part 1. Kiev-Dubai-Male.

Since this blog was created almost exclusively that, but many trips have already been carried out earlier, at first systematization of reports on time will be missing.
This is the first blog entry, and probably will be symbolic to start with the honeymoon.

Honeymoon. Maldives.

The way to the Maldives was through Dubai. The native AeroSvit flight there was surprisingly good, and the city welcomed us with the heat to 38 degrees. If you have the opportunity to visit this amazing place, would not miss it. We are imbued with the scale, not even leaving the airport and decided to come back here with a full journey on the Emirates.

The airport is a different story. For example, the photo below is the third part of one of its 3 terminals.

airport Dubai

This is a Grand complex of various shops, bars, restaurants, two hotels and an artificial Park with fountains, the size of the airport Borispol.

airport Dubai

airport Dubai

It sells absolutely everything. But these babies can even win. Theoretically.

airport Dubai

Waiting for a flight to male, we spent 9 hours that passed like an hour. During this time, we just went through all the airport terminals along.
“Occasionally” turning to the stores)


Then we had to Board a flight great Emirates airlines Boeing-777 which was flying to the Maldives.

emirates boeing 777

I think it would be needless to mention that the flight was fine. Of course, Emirates is considered one of the best airlines in the world. All the details thought out so carefully that the fault was decidedly not happening. Except to the overly large amount of food, it just didn’t fit on the stand)

What a pity that they have not yet fly to Ukraine…

Landing in malé is notable for the fact that the airport is a small island, and the runway starts on the beach. Thanks to the camera located on the belly of the aircraft, on its embedded on the front seat monitor to observe the approach of water. At some point, it seemed that now all we’re going to feed the fish :)

In addition, the plane decided to jump a few times on the runway, adding thrills.

When we got out, our lungs there was a little shock. Before the trip I had read about the sensations you feel in the first minutes of stay here, but to experience it was first.

To say that it’s bath – to say nothing. Lungs begin to protest, and the brain starts to work hard on finding the shortest path to the airport.

However, adaptation is quite easy. Quick through customs, and after baggage claim, we already stand at firstly, who is not averse to take us to another airport – Maldivian Air Taxi.

mildivian air taxi

On the way to this mini-airport, seaplane which was to take us to the island of Kuredu, the thought of heat go by the wayside. Like paint, the arm itself reaches out to the camera, and despite the shaking and speed, you start taking pictures. Ie starts to take pictures of Nastya, and I just admire.

maldives male airport

maldives male airport

Around this time there is a gradual awareness of where you are. The way to the airport air taxi took 10 minutes.

maldivian air taxi

Themselves air taxi at first glance did not inspire confidence. However, the reality proved to be very comfortable, fast and reliable.

maldivian air taxi

Taking off, you can marvel at both airports above.

maldivian air taxi

maldivian air taxi

And at the same time the capital of Maldives, male. They say it’s the smallest capital city in the world. Believe.

maldives male

Next eyes the beautiful natural scenery. Fighting the urge to drop the camera and the camera and just enjoy.

the Maldives from the height

the Maldives Islands

Something that even managed to remove the camera.

The time passed quickly and after 40 minutes we have watched our island in all its glory…

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